Capital adventures

By marchmont

Birthday girl

Willow is clearly her human is home, she barely let me out of her sight all day' or maybe she was just hungry!

Swam this morning. The pool was quiet. Then a morning of trying to work, as well as doing the laundry. I gave in at lunchtime and decoded to do a swap with Thursday afternoon. The decision was informed by the need to sort out the Choir info and a change of plan re Mum's test.

The Choir stuff turned out to be less problematic than I'd anticipated so I then scooted down to the Manor to do both our tests. Then dropped in by #3 son to drop off his card etc. He is having a stressful time with tests before going to Portugal. And news from Glasgow E has tested positive. Hope that doesn't affect that holiday.

Got home to change for my night out. Slow bus to the West End and then H's birthday meal. Her birthday was on Saturday but they were at a wedding. Lovely evening though the meal was less impressive than Sunday's lunch. I only knew 3 people but turned out 'the bridesmaid' had done get GP training in Leven with D's dad and the other A lives nearby and her son is friend's with G son, next door. We moved places during the meal but I didn't get to speak to everyone.

'Grab' home with a grumpy driver. It was late night!

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