Arizona Dreamin’

By laurie54

The Gang's All Here

It was fairly early in the morning and the hummingbirds were really loading up for the day. As you can see, the feeders were very popular, despite the bees which hummingbirds hate.  Every one of these hummers is female but I see at least four different species.  (This was taken at the wildlife area in Madera Canyon, an area within the Santa Rita Mountains.  These mountains are part of the Coronado National Forest.)

The easiest to recognize are the Broad-billed. They have an orange bill,  white eye line and black bar behind the eye. There is one on each side of the feeder. The next easiest to identify are the Black-chinned hummingbirds.  You can recognize them by the white under the stippling on their throats. There are a couple on the right. The super blurry one screeching in for a landing could be a black-chinned, too.

At the bottom left, the one with a patch of red on the throat is an Anna's. The mostly hidden bird could be a Rufous or Anna's.  The top left,  I believe, is a Broad-tailed hummingbird. Do I wish every one of them was tack sharp? Sure. But it's not often I am able to get such a nice variety of species in the same frame.  It was so much fun to watch them.  I haven't gotten one like this since celebrating my 1000th blip but this one is cooler  :-)

Since I left one day late and then ended up inside for an entire day, I extended my stay until today. Got home in time for the Bills game.

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