By carliewired

Last Day of Summer

We've been given some
grace through September because
our summer was poor

~ carliewired

There was beautiful colour on the horizon as I left home at 6:30. It was 8 C with just a little cloud to make the sky interesting. 

I drove down to McArthur Island and parked near the pedestrian bridge. There were three does grazing nearby but they were very skittish and moved away quickly when walkers appeared. I left my quilted heart on a bench near the bridge, then walked across the bridge to better view my mountains and the reflections in the slough. 

I walked back across the bridge into the park, stopping on the bridge to note the ducks in great conversations below me. I looked up to see a heron soaring over the slough like a Boeing 747 coming into the airport. It landed atop a Russian Olive tree beside the bridge tucking in its big wings and long legs. I was quite surprised to see a heron perched some 30 feet above me.Mallards were in great number today with some very elusive Wood Ducks and a few Merganzers. I caught one female Merganzer cruising by through the reflections. Her rusty head and crest are distinctive. 

I was back at home by 8 with my drive-thru breakfast. I'm hoping for a chat with a friend this afternoon if the weather holds. 

We have a sunny start but increasing cloud. A high of 23 C is expected. 

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