By carliewired

400 Days

Morning fog is not
the usual in a place
with this dry climate

~ carliewired

I was up really early. I tried to take a read on the weather before the light came up. Online information was not too helpful. I soon could see there was fog floating around in the valleys. I was hoping it might make for some interesting photos if I could find the right place at the right time.

I left the house at 6:30 and headed east on Shuswap Road. I missed the most glorious light while waiting for the traffic lights to change, and then trying to find a safe place to pull off the road. 

I caught the sun coming around the hill while I was overlooking the South Thompson River. There was a dedicated bunch of fishermen lined up along the south shore. The sun glinted off their equipment as they cast into the river. River fog drifted past them. Further along, an eagle was watching for his chance in the river. 

I watched the sun rise and spread over pastureland and the road I was travelling on. A look back to the city gave me the back view of my mountains, Peter and Paul. A view to the north showed the light coming into the benchlands. I got a front shot of the Wanda Sue, a replica paddlewheeler that travelled the South Thompson River for several years. 

I picked up my drive-thru breakfast on the way home. 

Today is our federal election. It is an unnecessary expenditure of some $610 million during a pandemic that already has created  economic difficulties. This money could better be spent in so many other ways. I hold no hope that this election will change much in Canadian politics. 

Today is also my 400th day. I think I should be getting my award when I post this. I have been a faithful blipper for 400 days in a row! 

I'm home with my sewing machine. I may have my daughter's company at some point. 

It was a mere 7 C when I left the house this morning. I'm happy to have my new furnaces ticking away now. We may have some showers this morning and again in late afternoon. Otherwise we might expect a day with a mix of sun and cloud and a high of 19 C.

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