By carliewired

North Thompson River Morning

A tad of colour,
some broken trees and a heart
in need of a home

~ carliewired

I left the house at 6:45 with some hope of a sunrise. It was 14 C and rather grey. I drove down to Schubert Drive and parked along the Rivers Trail. I could see the faintest bit of colour on the east horizon. 

I waited patiently for something more. I could hear the Canada geese along the river. They make a huge production of gathering themselves up before they take off. As they take to the air, they produce quite a volume which echoes around the valley bottom. One would think it unwise for a game bird to make such a racket. As my brother says "No wonder they get shot!"

On the far shore, I can see quite a number of gulls fishing and grooming. They make forays onto the river. They dip and dive over the surface while crying to each other. 

Today, I'm am surprised to find that several young trees beside the river have been felled. They've been gnawed off above the ground and their branches have been stripped. No doubt the neighbourhood beavers have been at work here. 

I left my quilted heart on a bench along the Rivers Trail. Here's hoping that someone on their way to school finds it today. 

It's so grey that I need the lights on inside the house. It is to be mainly cloudy today with a chance of showers and a high of 23 C. 

I'm home as usual today. I have some fabric that needs cutting. I will need to find a purpose for some chicken waiting in the fridge. 

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