By carliewired

Riverside at Morning

And the sun came up....
with a dull roar and very
noisy, squawking gulls

~ carliewired

I slept in until 6:15 this morning. I had a look out my windows to see what I might get for sunrise photos. It did not look very promising. I decided to head down to Riverside Park in the downtown so I might get some views over the Thompson River. 

I parked by Heritage House and walked down towards the pier. It was 10 C and mostly cloudy. I was surprised by how many people were tucked in under the pier, along the river's edge and beside the washrooms. I felt like I was intruding. The gulls were making a lot of noise this morning. I got my photos near the pier and started to walk back up to my car. 

I left my quilted heart on the fence beside Heritage House. It is keeping the morning glories company. 

There's a large sign near Heritage House that warns that bears have been sited in the area. I took note of it and the beautifully decorated utility shed behind it. 

I picked up my drive-thru breakfast and was back home by 8 AM. 

I have a need to get to the fabric store this morning. I have a coupon! 
I expect a quiet day at home otherwise. There are some quilt blocks to cut. Hoping to meet a friend for a visit in the park this afternoon. 

We're to expect a mainly sunny day today with a high of 23 C.

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