By carliewired

Vantage Point First Light

It is the start of
another beautiful fall
day to be enjoyed

~ carliewired

I almost missed a fabulous sunrise because I slept in until 6:30 this morning. With a glance at the clock, I scrambled to get out the door and out somewhere to appreciate the glow. It was 8 C and partly cloudy. 

I drove to Vantage Point by the airport for a view of my mountains and the river. I caught the gulls overhead against the light. I watched the first flight into the airport coming in over the river. I left my quilted heart on the Rivers Trail by the waterplane dock. It waved gently in the breeze that came along the river. 

I turned towards home, picking up my breakfast on the way. I was home for the 7:30 news on the radio. 

I have planned another quiet day at home with my sewing machine and the radio to keep me company. 

We have a sunny day with a high of 26 C to look forward to. 

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