A Day In The Life

By Irish59


We harvested our last three bags of potatoes, all Kennebec variety which is a white all-purpose potato. A few larger sized but mostly small to medium. From what I’ve read that’s likely due to all the rain this summer. We’re pretty pleased with almost 15# to add to the ones we harvested a couple of weeks ago. A second crop of broccoli is all that’s growing now, and we’re not too hopeful • An overcast day with more showers on the way. We’re a bit sick of it. The ground is great for weeding though so I amused myself cleaning out a flower bed that contained more weeds than the sage and lilies growing there! • I ordered two heart traps to catch a “new one” among us. If it only knew three of our residents have a keen sense of smell and hearing, with tails and claws too! We found evidence of the new one yesterday in our back room that contains the furnace, washer and dryer, plus extra cat and bird food (all in containers). In over twenty years of living here we’ve never had an uninvited guest, at least in nonhuman form, lol! Fingers crossed there’s only one… • Enjoy the echinacea because it likely won’t last long ;)

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