By carliewired

A Walk Through Riverside

The light is bright and
the colours of autumn are
all around us now

~ carliewired

When I left the house at 7:30, the temperature was 10 C. There was a brisk wind moving the trees. 

I was off to Riverside Park downtown. I parked by the tennis courts. No tennis or pickle ball today. Only a few cars in the lot this morning. 

I walked to the pier and back noting the light streaking in under the mature trees. Leaves are falling and the trees have changed into warm, bright colours. No birds on the river for me this morning. The signs are still up warning of bear activity in the park. 

I left my quilted heart beside the gate to the community garden in the park. I collected my drive-thru breakfast and was home in time for the 8:30 news on the radio. 

While I was waiting for my car's service yesterday, I got a call from the security company to tell me my system at home had a low battery. Indeed, the annoying thing is still chirping at me this morning. I will have to figure out the location of the dying battery before it drives me mad. 

I'm wanting a quiet day at home to play with my fabric and listen to the radio. 

The forecast for today offers mainly cloudy with  a high of 17 C and a chance of showers. 

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