By carliewired

Truth and Reconciliation Day

We have a day to
consider our past and to
plan for our future

~ carliewired

I was up early in the dark. I waited for the light to come up so I could judge what kind of a day I might expect for weather. By 6 I could see that prospects were very slim for enjoying a sunrise. The wind was whipping around the house shaking the trees.  I took myself back to bed and enjoyed another two hours of slumber. 

At 9, it was 15 C when I drove away from the house. We'd been promised a rainy day and it looked imminent. I headed for McArthur Island with hopes I'd get my photos before the rain started.

 I was delighted to meet deer by the entrance. They paused long enough for me to take some photos. The buck disappeared quickly, leaving the doe to pose for me.

 I parked near the foot bridge. The wind was gusting, blowing my hair in all directions when I stepped out of the car. I saw a little flock of mallards hunkered down at the south end of the bridge. They'd found a calm place out of the wind. I walked along the foot bridge heading north. On the edge of the slough the wood duck hens were poised on a log in protection of the trees above. I got a photo looking east where a slim stretch of blue sky showed under the dark clouds. On the north side I looked back over the slough at my mountains. I headed back to my car and left my quilted heart on the fence beside the bridge. It is orange in honour of this day. 

I picked up my drive-thru breakfast on the way home. It included an orange sprinkle donut, a fund-raiser for this day. 

I was home eating my late breakfast by 10:30  AM while listening to our national radio, CBC, which is providing a day of special broadcasts. All day, programming will include interviews and discussions with indigenous leaders and music by First Nations people from across Canada. We are observing our first statutory holiday - Truth and Reconciliation Day. The day began as Orange Shirt Day in 2013. It was set to remember those who attended residential schools in Canada. 

The rain started as I inched my way along the drive-thru lane. It's a good day to be inside. We might expect a cloudy day with showers and a high of 16 C.

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