By carliewired

There's a Storm Brewing

A blustery wind...
colour on the horizon...
maybe rain's coming!

~ carliewired

I headed off to Tranquille this morning, driving along Ord Road that runs below the hillside I live on. It was rather dark at 6:45 with 10 C. My cell phone was telling me that it was raining although my driveway and the road were completely dry.

I spotted a bright white light on the grasslands above the road. As there are no structures there, I was surprised and curious. I noted a car parked just off the road's edge.  There on the slope, a human and a dog on a leash came into view. The dog was wearing a bright light on the front of its collar below the jaw. It is the first dog with a headlight that I've ever seen. 

I drove out to the farm at Tranquille and did the U-turn to line myself up with a view to my mountains. The clouds above were moving fast and the colours changed quickly, too. The wetlands pond was very quiet with little activity. I'm thinking that bird populations are moving on. I waited to get the first rays of sun over my mountains. I stopped at the west end of the Rivers Trail to release my quilted heart. I attached it to the fence beside the parking area. I stopped on the way home to collect my drive-thru breakfast. I was home by 8 AM.

I will have service people here this morning to have my new furnaces "commissioned". I think this should include a ceremony with a magnum of champagne. Let's see if they live up to my expectations. 

My little red bomber goes in for maintenance this afternoon. I will be tucking it away for the winter soon. It's not been driven in snow yet and I will keep it this way. 

We might expect a day of mixed sun and cloud with a chance of showers in the afternoon and a high of 17 C. It's forecast unstable weather until Friday when the sun should reappear. 

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