By carliewired

First Frost

When mountains have a
bad hair day, you must take some
photographs - for sure! 

~ carliewired

I was heading out the door at 8 when I saw this strange cloud formation and a jet stream over the top of my mountains. I had to take this shot from my deck. Then, I was off to McArthur Island to see what this sunny morning would look like there. 

I parked first by the Butterfly Garden where frosty leaves lay on the grass as the sunshine began to warm them. They sparkled in the sun. I walked to the foot bridge where the ducks were cleaning up the food left for them. Across in the field, Canada geese were browsing through the grass. I crossed the bridge to get a shot of my mountains beyond the slough. I left my quilted heart attached to a tree by the Butterfly Garden. 

I had to snatch up my breakfast and head home as N was coming over to remount a screen that blew off in the wind on Saturday. He kindly replaced some security system batteries for me at the same time. 

I took note of the photos posted on Facebook this morning. Apparently, I missed a fantastic display of northern lights last evening. This was noticed as far south as the tops of the US states of Washington, Idaho and Montana. If I had only thought to look outside last evening, I could have enjoyed it too! 

I am late posting due to errands to run. It's turned into a gray afternoon with a high of 9 and a chance of showers. 

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