A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

The Circus

Walked into Bath again on my own this time. Two miles to the city centre so a nice walk. It was a dull start to the day but not cold so no need for a jacket.

Visited some of the more unusual shops en route to the top of town to get some photos of the classic Georgian buildings in The Circus and The Royal Crescent. I have visited here before but thought they would provide me with something for wide Wednesday - architecture/geometric. 

I’ve included the railings here to give it more interest, it’s taken at the junction at the top of Gay Street with The Circus.

Amongst the posher shops on Milton Street I found Waterstones, 45 minutes in there then! At the checkout she told me I had £10 on my plus card so that wasn’t too bad a shop.
Shame I don’t have a points card for Anthropologie, but managed not to spend too much though could have spent a fortune on an cashmere jumper!

When I reached the Royal Crescent the blue sky was coming through and by the time I’d had a coffee the sun was out.

Bus back to Larkhall, I’m becoming an old hand, and then the walk up the hill where I could have done without the sun!

Grace spoke to the nursery at lunch time and Jude’s eyes were fine.They said she had a bit of a temperature but was ok when they took some of her clothes off! You have to wonder! Thankfully there have been no messages to go and collect her.

Yesterday when I set off down the hill there was a balloon just setting out, seems to be the time for them but as I sit here typing I’ve just watched three coming over. I wonder where they land?

A quiet day to do as I please, they will be back soon and it will be all go again but fun!

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