59 and a bit more

By 59

Abstract Thursday

The theme is double or multi exposure. This is the floor of my back patio area or verandah.

We had a downpour this morning from a storm and had water everywhere. I could have put my swimmers on and gone for a dip but decided against it. Actually I’m not sure where my swimmers are, they only get used every few years. I’m not a swimmer. I guess I’ve been swimming about a dozen times since adulthood. 

Victoria had their highest case numbers of Covid today reaching 2297. Our case numbers have remained about 400-500 due to us reaching reasonable vaccination rates. The ACT (Australian Capital Territory) has received 95% single dose and they are hoping to get higher. So proud. We have 91.4% first dose and 77.77% full coverage of people over 16years here in NSW. I think they are going for approval for Pfizer for 5 years and up next. It will be good to have the children done as well.

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