Capital adventures

By marchmont

Autumn colours

Still self medicating the back but I think it is easier.  It was a dark drive to the pool,  sunrise is just before 8 now.  The sauna is back in action so there were some who were more in the sauna than the pool,  not me.  Did quite a lot of back stroke - it helps.

Home for a morning of work, mainly tidying files and moving them off the Cloud to the remote server, always a fiddly manoeuvre.  Outside it rained but then it cleared up but it was warm.

I had very little to do today so I stopped at lunchtime.  I thought of moving some furniture in the office but it looks like a more complicated job than anticipated and anyway the weather was better and I had roses to move. But first I had to call the Council.  They have given up on the hold music, just a disembodied voice telling you that you are on hold and not to hang up. Sorted getting the engineer to look at the bath seat (not mine you understand) and then went to move these roses. 

The plan was to move Olivia 1 from the pot on the terrasse (posh) to the bed beside Olivia 2, replacing Amelia 3.  Then move the pot with Alnwick rose out of the border and plant Amelia 3 in the ground there.  Alnwick rose in its pot was to go on the terrasse and the pot formerly holding Olivia 1 was to have daffodils planted in it.  Mmmm, all went well till I discovered that under the bricks that the Alnwick rose was sitting on there was a slab which was nearly part of an earlier, much lower, path. It is an unmoveable object.  So now, Olivia 1 is replanted as intended, Alnwick rose is still in its pot back on the slabs and Amelia 3 is in the pot on the terrasse, replacing Olivia 1.  The daffodils will have to wait for another day.  I also hauled out some spreading plants that had spread too much.  Had a good long chat with A along the road.  Her son, d in l and 3 grandchildren and coming from California for Christmas and New Year. She hasn't seen them for 3 years and hasn't seen the youngest grandchild, 20 months, at all. 

Went to the Manor to investigate why the storage heaters weren't working.  Turned out the fuses in the box had been switched off, but who by? A mystery.  Hopefully they are now sorted and working.

I think for once I'm caught up with everything and I'm having an evening of tv. 

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