By carliewired

Along the Slough

Four lovely ladies
browsed the edge of the slough in
silence - beautiful! 

~ carliewired

I had a sleep in, with some effort, and headed off this morning near 11 AM. There was light rain falling as I picked up my very belated breakfast and drove into McArthur Island Park. The fall colours are in evidence. 

I parked near the north entrance to have breakfast and listen to the radio. The rain had stopped by the time I emerged to walk up the slope through the fallen leaves. I stopped at the north entrance to admire the colours and to note the changes there since summer. The water level is low and there's far less water fowl now. Movement caught my attention. There were four does proceeding slowly, quietly along the edge of the slough. They stopped to nibble and to groom. They watched and listened carefully. They must do in this urban neighbourhood. They finally settled in the grass to ruminate with just their heads showing above the vegetation. I could watch them all day, but this is where I left them in peace. I left my quilted heart on a bench along the Rivers Trail and headed for home. 

We're looking at a day of showers and a high of 12 C with clearing tonight.

I'm home with a few jobs and some fabric. 

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