A Sunny Day Coming Soon!

I have no patience
when the weatherman forecasts
sun that does not come! 

~ carliewired

I took my first shot from my deck this morning at 8:30. It was 6 C and we had the promise of a sunny day, but it was struggling to show up. My mountains had swirls of clouds with the sun trying to emerge underneath. 

I left for Riverside Park with a stop for my breakfast enroute. I sat in the parking lot near the tennis courts, made my phone calls and finished my coffee. Arriving after 9 AM means there are a lot of people to contend with. The pickle ball courts were in full swing. There were mobs of children of all ages being ushered through the park. It was not the quiet place I appreciate in the early morning light. 

I walked to the pier, dodging children. I did get it all to myself. There are few birds of any kind to be seen. I was delighted to find a pair of loons fishing near the pier. They dive and reappear so quickly it is difficult to get a shot. I took note of the fall colours on the far shore. I left my quilted heart on a bench near the pier. 

One group of pre-schoolers were on a path that happened to coincide with city workers blowing out the waterlines. The adults with the children seemed to be oblivious. I wondered how many little ones would be in wet clothes. Good Grief! 

I looped through the rose garden where I often find a squirrel. One showed up as if on cue. It seemed to be moving its food supply around the park today. 

I crossed paths with another photog. He was carrying a lot of gear including a large tripod. I didn't catch him in action but I did find him on his cell phone. As I was getting in my car to leave, he was photographing the community garden near the tennis courts. 

It's almost noon and the sun is just beginning to shine into my living room. 

I'm home with some jobs and perhaps a visit from my daughter. I have just insured my old pickup for the winter. I need to give it a run so a trip to the recycling depot could be in order. 

We're looking at a high of 18 C with a mix of sun and cloud. Tomorrow is far less promising. 

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