Arizona Dreamin’

By laurie54

MM404 Results

Saturday Friday in the Park

I'm really impressed with the variety of inventions of the last century explored by all the mono Monday participants. I started with my "possibilities" list over four hours ago. By the time I got to page 3 I already had at least a dozen.  So this was really hard. Next week is going to be brutal for this host.  The theme will be any invention of any era. Tag it MM405.

PelorusJack   disposable safety razor
redilady   teddy bears
Ingeborg   trolleys/shopping carts
selfcontained   pop-up toaster
lisa24270    tea bags

BanksiaMan  Weber barbecue
GoranZebuhr   Gameboy
Paola   Mr. Potato Head
Mole   front end loader 
MrsLinda   Bakelite
DesertCamel  cornflakes
fitzbilly   Kevlar
JohnW   pocket calculator
Annie   electric bug zapper
dollydoug   ATM

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