By carliewired


We were promised sun
but I hadn't expected 
to encounter fog

~ carliewired

I thought I would take a drive to McLure on the North Thompson River. I left at 8 in my old pickup truck. It's been sitting unused for most of the summer so it needed a good run. It was 8 C and I could see a clear sky with the sun spreading out. 

A few miles along on the Yellowhead Highway gave me some views of fog hanging in the valley along the river. Soon, I was driving in fog, which I find a little disorienting, especially at highway speeds. This is a major route into Alberta. It's always busy and has considerable truck traffic. 

I kept my eyes peeled for the McLure turnoff. I stopped at the fruit stand on the corner for a bag of McIntosh apples, my favourite, a bag of green beans, the last of the season and a jar of local honey. 

I turned west to the ferry. I came to a stop at the bank above the river. I could not see across to the far shore. I waited just a few minutes and the ferry returned to my side emerging slowly in the fog. The short hop across the North Thompson is free and the ferry takes only two vehicles at a time. I walked around the west side near the ferry to take photos of the autumn trees in fog. I could see blue sky above and was certain the fog would be gone soon. I turned south on Westsyde Road heading for home. I was sitting in my recliner again by 10:30.

We must enjoy the sun this morning as it should be gone soon. The forecast is for a cloudy afternoon with a chance of showers and a high of 14 C. 

There's fabric calling to me again today. I'm home for the day. 

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