Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

End of the day

It was lovely to not wake before 7:30 in the morning! I had an appointment at 10, so headed out for that. G got to have the leisurely morning she's been longing for all week!

We were happily catching up with things when we realised that the SA meeting planned for today was at 1 PM, not 2 PM! We were ready in a jiffy and left in fifteen minutes, arriving just five minutes late! Phew!

My extra sums up the time there. The lady who hosted us has one of the best gardens I've seen in Dubai. The gazebo was fantastic. It was more like a man cave. We celebrated our harvest festival a month later and had lunch.

Back home by 5, and we just chilled. I didn't think we'd be eating again, but G produced this meal on her lazy susan. She put the pink roses near it, so it qualifies for BCAM!!

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PS. I should have recorded that the bread came home with us. (It was on the Harvest table).

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