Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Al Wasl Dome


It's the start of a new week, and G had to take herself to school today, as I had things to finish from the weekend, and more importantly, a meeting in my old office to talk about helping in a new role. All went well, and I have another job to do starting tomorrow. Yikes! It's going to be a challenge juggling everything.

G's lesson in the evening got cancelled due to the kids being on holiday, here in Dubai. In fact, she met up with them straight after school. We had a free afternoon so decided to do an EXPO reccy, but not before I had another meeting, this time on Teams, to get more details of the new role!

We travelled by train to preserve our energy, i.e. to walk around the site instead of to/from the car park! It was busy, even on a warm weeknight. We had to show our tickets and Vaccination certificates or negative PCR test before going through airport-type security. You then have your ticket scanned and get photographed (without your mask).

You’re then free to explore the EXPO site. We bought a passport before going through the Al Wasl Dome. The queue for the UAE pavilion was an hour-long, so we went to other countries instead. Things we noted: no signs to say which way to head to the Entrance, and then the way into the next pavilion wasn’t close to the Exit of the one you’ve just been in (no smooth flow).

There are places to grab a bite but not enough seating for the hundreds of people who are there, so we shared a table with others. The country pavilions are very individual, and all the ones we visited had a little “shop” selling ethnic things (we saw lots of different mineral water!!). This is where you get your passport stamped.

You can fill a water bottle through fountains located along the main paths. We didn’t see much entertainment because we were never in the right place at the right time. There is a noticeable lack of useful signage/info to let people know what is happening where. Back via the metro, which happily, wasn’t packed despite hundreds of people heading home at the same time. I was so pleased that after 5 hours, my feet didn’t hurt!

We will go again to visit the bigger, custom-made pavilions! Greece had an ethnic restaurant that served their cuisine – food and alcohol!

I was shattered when I got home! I managed to look at and edit my pictures, but writing a journal was out of the question!

My blip is mainly to have something pink for the last day of October. The Al Wasl Dome is the highlight of the EXPO2020 experience with its tech. We caught the Space-themed show. The extra shows just a few things that caught my eye. :))

For the last time this year, may I ask you to click here please, to help donate free mammograms to those who need them? Thank you! :))

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