Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Red Admiral

Today the first thing I saw walking through the (Winnall Moors) reserve was a distant hawk.  It flew straight towards me and of course I pointed the camera at it.  It was a red kite and I recognised it straight away so you see I have learned something from you lovely people!  And just as I was leaving the reserve at Durngate I saw a wonderful bushy spray of flowering ivy covered with 8 to 10 huge beautiful pristine red admirals.  I think they must have been from the same batch of eggs and not long hatched. 

Well good luck to them and I hope they find somewhere warm to hibernate.  I know they're considered as migrants from North Africa, but I have also seen them emerge from odd corners on warm winter days (even once from behind an outside shop light in the centre of town on New Year's Day!  The poor little guy looked very confused.)  Meanwhile, butterflies in November - well that's climate change for you, so perhaps I should rush up to Glasgow and tell the delegates  ;))

That's all from me, lovely blipfriends.  My shoulder is still really sore but wrapped up in a heat patch, so I'll do what commenting is possible.  I so appreciated your patience.

Enjoy your evening  xx

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