Grumpy Old Man

By Maurice1948

These arms of mine

Today was the day for my COVID booster, so I walked down to the Corran Halls where the nurses were lined up ready to do the necessary.

It was rather amusing, as there were two lines of chairs to seat 12 people, one facing up and the other down. I was directed to the last vacant seat and every time the first patient was summoned to the check-in we all had to move up one seat. This was rather difficult for one elderly lady who had to be helped to her feet every few minutes and helped to sit down again. A quick jab in the arm and it was all over. It's probably my imagination, but I feel pretty achy already!

We had to sit for 15 minutes before we were allowed to leave, and when I emerged the sun was shining through a slit in the dark clouds. It just so happened that the white façade of the Great Western Hotel was catching the sunlight, so that's my Blip for today.

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