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By walkingMarj

Bring on the dancers!

The good news was that Wonderful Wesley, our plumber, arrived before 1000 to investigate the boiler failure.

He spoke to the manufacturers and agreed that the problem was in the control box. Unfortunately it is not a part he carries in the van and no one in Hexham had one either.

In the meantime, the specialist support team suggested that he hit the appropriate part with the soft end of his hammer. Lo and behold - the boiler was back on again!!

Never speak too soon of course, by this evening it had gone off again. The new part will arrive on Friday and he will return, with hammer, in the morning to have another go.

I went to the village shop (needed a ticket for A Christmas Carol in the village hall, before they all sell out), then the tip (cathartic as always), then to the Hospice shop with three big bags of clothes. 

Hexham was very busy and I could find nowhere to park to stop for lunch. Instead, I parked at Tyne Green, near the river, and had lunch in the café near the golf course.

I spotted these two friends sitting on a bench and enjoying a packed lunch. I loved the colours and the hats and their companionship. Then the gulls decided to get in on the act!

I've been trying to complete all the things I need to do before I go away, but as soon as I start one job, something else happens, or someone else arrives. It was lovely to see Liz, who will do a meal for Mum one day of the holiday. Then Sharon arrived - only 24 hours early - to discuss her caring duties. 

By this time, I had lost my enthusiasm to polish my boots. They will have to wait until tomorrow!!

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