I Witness

By KangaZu

Wild Wednesday ...

... the usual wildlife collage.

We had plenty of sun today and I spent some time on the back deck relaxing and taking pictures.  There wasn't a lot of wildlife to be had so most of my pictures were of the squirrels.  

Richard took a break from work in the late afternoon so that we could get out for a walk at Housenick park.  Still not a lot of wildlife there unless you count all the people walking their dogs ... at a no dogs allowed park!

The male and female Northern Cardinal pictures were taken through the front window late in the afternoon.  Not the best lighting.  The male is the brighter red of the two. 

As for the pie ... I baked up a pecan pie after lunch today for tomorrow's Thanksgiving day dessert. But I think a sampling is in order tonight ... with ice cream and whipped topping, of course!

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