Capital adventures

By marchmont

Winter arrives

Well what a surprise to open the blind this morning and see - snow!  Not a lot but still the white stuff.  It was funny watching Willow try to catch snowballs and almost fall in the pool - slip sliding away.  Inside the heating was ramped up.  It was below freezing.  Some folk including friends up north still have no power.  Brrr!

A morning of catching up on personal stuff, reading all the documents I've been sent during the week. My guests had a good day yesterday but were off out early, perhaps the Museum.  Good idea to be inside in the warm. 

After lunch the Coffee Club celebrated Y's upcoming birthday on Tuesday - Limoux and mini cupcakes with candles. For some reason we spent a bit of time speaking about funerals. Not very celebratory.

Then it was time to close the curtains and light the first advent wreath candles.  I've got both sets in use this year. I'd also earlier received an edible advent calendar from my wonderful KL family (extra).Sent the Christmas money today so that they can get presents in advance. 

A good catch up call with E followed by another relaxing evening listening to TV in the background, including 'An American in Paris - the Musical' which was brilliant with the fab Jane Asher.  Do try to see it on catch up if you missed it (and you are in the UK of course).The TV was in the background as the relaxation was back to the untangling of the necklace.  I was there till well after the heating went off and I am down to the last tricky knot.  The problem is the larger pearls.  Hopefully tomorrow!

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