Fog and Beaver Handiwork

Where is that sunshine
that we were promised for this
morning? I'm waiting!

~ carliewired

I dawdled over my coffee and eggs this morning until 9 AM. The weatherman had forecast a sunny day to emerge at 9 and it was not looking promising at all. It was 3 C, calm and foggy. 

I drove to the Schubert Drive Lookout to have a look along the North Thompson River. Visibility was rather poor. My mountains across the river could only be viewed on the bottom half. The river was smooth and glassy. I was surprised by how much work the beavers have been doing in this area. They have opened up spots along the Rivers Trail by taking down some trees. It appears that they fall a tree and then strip off the branches, leaving the trunk behind. Taking a tree down lets the light in and changes the landscape. 

As I drove home along Schubert Drive I noted several vehicles with police and city workers parked along the side of the Rivers Trail. They were rounding up the abandoned belongings of the homeless left along the walkway. There were grocery carts, tarps, bits of furniture...there is a social housing unit planned to be installed very close to this area. One can only hope it is a solution. 

I am home with fabric and some chores today. 

We are supposed to see some sunshine today once the fog lifts out of the valleys. We might expect a high of 6 C. 

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