Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


It has been snowing most of the day, although nothing is sticking.  Still, it was beautiful this morning with big, lazy flakes drifting down.  I couldn't resist leaving the pup with Hubs for a half hour and darting out to the hide.  These past few days we've had an unusual number of House Finches at the feeders and around the garden; today joined by two American Goldfinches.  I haven't seen any goldfinches in over a month so it was a nice treat when they showed up and I took advantage of the moment.

It has been a largely uneventful day.  Jax has had his usual bursts of energy mixed in with long naps.  In fact, since he made his way onto my lap this afternoon, we both snoozed.  He didn't seem fazed by the snow when we went out although I suspect when we get a proper snow there will be a learning curve.  Oh, and I just found another puppy tooth on the towel he is chewing on - poor little guy, his gums are really bleeding right now.

I've watched some videos on training him not to be afraid of his harness.  We keep it on him most of the time because he gets so freaked out when he sees it (once it's on, no issues).  Anyway, I have a plan now for getting him over his fear.  Meanwhile, he continues to explore his world by putting anything new in his mouth.  Fortunately, he doesn't object when we pry things out of his mouth.

Busy day on tap tomorrow with a trip to the vet for Charlie to get his teeth cleaned, a trip to the human dentist for Hubs, a trip to the eye doctor for me and lunch with a friend.  This probably means some crate time for Jax since we can't leave him unsupervised in the house when neither of us is here.  

Dark with ginger today.  Just one square.


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