Marjorie's ramblings

By walkingMarj

The Sele, Hexham

After I completed my tasks as a hairdresser this morning, I went into Hexham to meet the other Marjorie.

We had lunch at the Rising Sun café. Very good it was too. The discussion was excellent. Very thought provoking as always.

On my way back to the car I took one image of this tree in The Sele (park). It was catching the light beautifully. I have enjoyed playing with it to produce an impressionistic effect. I haven't done anything like this for ages.

Annette and Catherine were here when I arrived home. Everything done for me. Margret arrived later with a lovely jumper she would like repairing. Could we work some magic. I'm not sure whether that is Mum or me, but it landed in my lap! The wool is very fine and the cuff has partly unravelled on one side.

We caught up with the previous week's Only Connect and University Challenge.

And that is today.

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