A bit confusing with the clocks changing today! When I woke up my phone said one thing, my watch said another, the car was still on UK time and we coudn't work out if it was right or not!
But we made it into the park eventualy for more fun with Nana and Papa on the teacups, Thunder Mountain, the Molly Brown, the pirate play park, It's a Small World, the carousel.......
Miss L was a lot perkier today which was good. It's been horrible for her feeling poorly the last few days.
Miss E went on Star Tours this afternoon with Nana, Papa and Daddy. It was always one of my favourite rides at Disney: a flight simulator where you're on a passenger ship to visit Endor which is piloted by a robot on his first day and he goes a bit wrong and you end up in the middle of a battle between the Death Star and the X-Wing Fighters. Fantastic!! The queue is through the "airport" and you see R2-D2 and C-3PO working on a space ship and you check in for your flight and have to go to the right gate etc.
I selflessly let Mr K take Miss E on as Miss L was too little. She loved it! And Mr K loved reliving his youth and love of all things Star Wars with his daughter. Quite special I think.
I had mixed feelings when she came off and said "We didn't really go into Space did we? I think we were watching a film and the room was moving"
Part of me is sad that her suspension of disbelief is going so early, the other half is proud that she's quite astute.
Probably overthinking it!!
We queued for Pirates of the Caribbean again and Miss E fell asleep on my dad's head which was quite funny. She was on his shoulders and gradually nodded her head lower and lower until we realised she was fast asleep!
Revived by her little catnap she enjoyed going to the grown up restaurant inside the Pirates of the Caribbean. The entire menu was Caribbean and Creole and my heart sank thinking they'd eat nothing but they were so good - Miss E had chicken, coconut rice and vegetables and ate all of it except the rice (she's always hated it!!), Miss L didn't eat too much of her pasta but at least she tried and they were both good as gold.
They were very taken with the coconut shells that the rice was served in. So taken with them in fact the we accidentally brought them home as souvenirs. The waiter was probably a bit bemused by the fact that the whole table was singing I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts and dissolving into hysterical laughter.
Not realy a good example to the kids but very funny!!
Back to the ranch for about 9.30pm and straight to bed.
It's exhausting all this fun!!

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