By carliewired

Another Grey Day...

The promised sunshine
did not appear, so I made
the most of the grey

~ carliewired

Thankfully, no new snow arrived overnight. I hopped into my truck and was on my way at 9:30. I needed some more decorations for the icing procedures today. I picked up a drive-thru coffee when my shopping was done and headed for the park near the airport. 

It was -8 C with a thick overcast of cloud. I had no hopes of seeing the sun today as had been promised in the forecast. 

I parked at Vantage Point beside the Thompson River with a view of the airport runway. There were many planes, private and commercial, that came in and out while I sipped my coffee. 

The fellow with the pickup appeared to be there to clean out his truck. He spent quite a long time pulling things out, sweeping the floor.....then dumped it all into the garbage bin along the park fenceline. 

There was very little foot traffic on the Rivers Trail this morning. The pathway had been groomed and the parking lot was plowed out. These two energetic young women were walking with four dogs between them. I caught them on their return. They loaded the dogs into their respective vehicles and were off. 

When I arrived home I discovered that the city plow had been by and, once again, left a big ridge across my driveway. I parked the truck, picked up the snow shovel and cleared the mess. 

I'm home working on sugary magic today. I will turn up the music and have some fun. 

We might expect a high of -4 today and a chance of snow flurries. 

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