Westmount Walk

Glorious sunshine
streamed into my house before
breakfast - What a treat! 

~ carliewired

I enjoyed a slow Sunday morning. We'd been promised a sunny day and it gradually appeared while I made my breakfast and drained the coffee pot. 

At 11 I thought I should inspect my driveway. It was -5 C and the sunshine was already coming into my front yard. It took the slightest effort to scrape off the last of the snow flurries. My white knight did a fabulous job pushing back the snowload and clearing my curb. As I walked around the corner from the garage to my front door, I discovered footprints in the snow leading to my front door. I found a sweet pair of red mittens attached to the door handle. On it was a holiday message from my neighbours three doors over. Very sweet and such a nice surprise! 

It was an easy exit today. I backed out the truck, put it in first gear and climbed  slowly out of the cul de sac.

I thought I'd like a walk along the Rivers Trail in Westmount. I drove down to the north end of Schubert Drive and found a safe place to park in front of a house. I stepped on to the Rivers Trail taking note of all the tracks on the river shore. I walked under the Halston Bridge and got a shot of the Canadian National Railway heading west on the rail bridge. 

I stopped to have a look at the construction area between the bridges that's been earmarked for a homeless shelter. Not much progress has been made and the equipment sits covered in snow. This development, although much needed, has come ahead without public consultation at all. It has raised the ire of the neighbourhood. It is situated midway between two elementary schools in a working man's neighbourhood. The fear is for public safety as there is a huge concern with crime and addictions. My house is on the hill behind it. 

I found a few ducks on the North Thompson River. They huddled on the ice below the bridges and navigated the ice pans while on the river. They were few in number this morning and very skittish. 

There was a lot of traffic on the Rivers Trail this morning. Several cyclists and dog walkers were out in the sunshine. One fellow passed me on a mountain bike. He rode up the incline to the walkway on the Halston Bridge, but soon returned. I suspect he discovered that the walkway had not been cleared. He rode back down to the Rivers Trail, which was cleared, and was gone. 

I'm home for the day with all my little projects. I'm hoping to have dinner with my daughter. 

The forecast came through with the sunny day promised. The high of -3 C should be easy to attain today. 

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