By carliewired

First Day of Winter

The sunrise did not
disappoint this morning, so
we might see sunshine!

~ carliewired

I was up early, as usual, sipping my coffee and putting the finishing touches on my batch of sugar cookies. They are anything but stellar, but I'm sure they are tasty and may be amusing as well. My dozen mermaids have a poem to go with them. (doggerel, let's be honest!) You might see that this one is the lush. 

It was a very calm -13 C on my deck this morning at 7:30 AM. I managed to scramble into my snowboots and plod my way across the snowy deck to catch the lovely colours of sunrise. 

I don't think I have time to gallivant this morning with my camera. The 'inside' story will have to do. 

There are parcels on the stairwell ready for delivery. Also, there's gifts on my dining room table for a special quilter friend. I've wrapped one of her gifts in a tea towel as she's very eco-friendly. I did compromise on the bow. 

I think I'm making more sugar cookies today. They would be gifts on Christmas Day for our hosts. However, new covid protocols were announced yesterday. A private gathering in a home is a maximum of ten people or two households. Our group planned for Christmas Day would not conform. We would be six from five households.  I am uncertain what we will do. Do we take the risk? Do we follow the guidelines which are not 'rules'? 

The forecast is for a cloudy day with a chance of light snow and a high of -8 C. I'm hoping the weatherman is wrong. It already holds the promise of a better day than yesterday. 

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