Everyday Life

By Julez


Today was the day to go over to Jeri's to have food, drink and fun. Poor Zeph had to drop out as he has a really bad cold - he looks more ill than we were with Covid. (He did a test, and it was negative fortunately!)

We played some fun games, watched football - more stick for me from the kids as Man U struggled to draw with relegation battlers Newcastle. We ate lots of delicious food all prepared by Jeri. The brie, walnut and chutney wreath was a delight, as was the gingerbread cake! 

More presents were exchanged and I now have the new slippers I needed! Also a travel cup so my cups of tea at work don't go cold or get spilt under the counter of the shop! Horatio's present is still awaiting delivery but he was fine about it. The little two loved their goalie gloves and Jeri loved the extra stocking filler bits I gave her. Her main present is entry to a 50 mile race!

This is not the best photo but I like it and have chosen to blip it for its happy and relaxed vibe!

I still don't know what I'll be working next week. He was meant to call me today but hasn't! I'll call him tomorrow afternoon as I need to be able to plan everything else I want to do.

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