Happy New Year ...

... to you all!

Despite the rain we still wanted to get out for our "first day" walk ... it's tradition.  Housenick Memorial Park is the closest to us so that's where we ended up.  It was drizzling with rain but that's what they make umbrellas for, isn't it!?!  

We had fun doing lots of selfies with our 2022 glasses.  I've taken one of those and put it through Photo Lab Pro to create today's blip.  We are holding up our fingers to signify "22" ... not peace symbols!

As we were walking by the area that we last saw a garter snake I was on the lookout for it or another one.  I didn't see anything but then as Richard searched he saw the one in my Extra photos!  We spent several minutes photographing him/her and even put the 2022 glasses by him/her ... what fun!

I made port and sauerkraut for supper as that's the Pennsylvania Dutch meal that's supposed to bring you good luck for the coming year.  I hope it works! We may not be Pennsylvania Dutch but I do have German heritage!

Not many of you seemed to like yesterday's post so I hope this one meets with your approval!  For the record ... that was NOT my license plate and I have no idea why someone would have a "Later Hater" plate ... they just do.

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