There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

I Am the Mother of Dragons

It was 14 degrees F on this morning in central Pennsylvania, and I decided it was time for some fun with frozen bubbles. So around 8:15 a.m., I set my bubble mix on the front porch to start cooling down, and at 8:45, just as the good light showed up, I went out to blow my bubbles.

I have a little bubble blowing station set up in the backyard. It consists of a bunch of tree stump slices, all in a row, with a small yard table and chair sitting beside them, where I can work. We just got about 3 inches of snow the day before, so my background was suitably wintry. I lasted about a half-hour in the cold.

I'm sharing two of my favorite frozen bubbles photos with this posting. The one above is called I Am the Mother of Dragons. Look at those dragons being born, along the other side of my bubble. Tiny, then bigger, and bigger, stretching out its tail, and oh my goodness, does my frosty dragon want to ROAR!!!!

The photo in the Extras is called I Dreamt a Winter Rainbow. I caught lots of nice colors on the top of that one. You can see how I have positioned the bubbles between myself and the sun, so that the sunlight can shine right through my bubbles and light them up like the pretty little worlds they are.

I know that frozen bubble making is a thing that people enjoy trying in winter time, so I'm going to give you two links that may be helpful in that regard:

This one includes links to a half-dozen of my frozen bubble adventures.

This one includes tips and how-to.

If you try it, have fun! And if you've used my tips to try it for the first time, by all means come by and tag me so I can take a look at your efforts!

The soundtrack song is Peter, Paul, and Mary, with Puff the Magic Dragon, from 1965.

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