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By walkingMarj

More baby clothes

I'm trying to finish a few garments to go off with a February shipment. It's cold for many refugees at this time of year.

This pattern is called the Fish and Chip jumper and hat. The concept is not new. The idea was to help babies born in poverty around the world, some of whom had no clothes and were wrapped in newspaper to keep them warm. Over the years many people have knitted and clothes have gone to many parts of the world.

For a while, the charities I knit for did not want more of these, but they have again requested that they are knitted. This time you have to leave the sleeve seams open. (Beats me Brian, but I've done it.) The jumper is very easy because you knit all in one piece, so there are only two seams.

Colours have to be strong.

I find small garments like these fun to do, because you can see the end in sight at all times.

I've been at home today. Mum had a nose bleed first thing. Later I became hair dresser and shampooed, trimmed and set her hair.

Margaret (across the road) came for another embroidery lesson. I took phone calls and knitted!

Very sad new for Julie, whose oldest friend died suddenly today. 

Tonight the Tynedale Photo Group met by Zoom. Four of the groups showed long term projects they are doing. It was, as always, fascinating to see the very different work and hear about the images.

Some blippers (you know who you are) have decided to find their knitting needles. Anyone else is free to join in. Just email be for details.

Oscar has taken to being more of an outside cat again, not coming home until the middle of the night. Sigh.

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