An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

A rose…

Woke up to a missed call that I instantly knew would be sad news. I returned the call and was right. My auntie Maisie has passed away.

It wasn’t unexpected as she’d been ill for a couple of months, including catching covid in hospital, for which she was surprisingly and thankfully, asymptomatic, but I’m still incredibly saddened by it. She was such a wonderful woman. Gentle, kind and a great sense of humour. She was the last of my
Mum’s generation in the family.

Spoke to my cousin Steve (her son) later in the day. He is devastated. An only, and much longed for child, he was very close to his mum, more so after his dad, my
Uncle Keith, suddenly and unexpectedly passed away 22 years ago. Steve and his wife Sarah will be lost without her. She was a large part of their lives.

Sadly we won’t be able to go to the funeral as there’s no way I could travel to Kent with the current problems with my hip. Also David is needed to fill in some gaps in Alan’s care over the next couple of weeks. I hope we’ll be able to join remotely.

I haven’t worked up much energy to do stuff today and spent most of the afternoon crocheting. It allowed me time with my thoughts and I enjoyed reliving many happy childhood memories of the times I spent with my auntie Maisie, uncle Keith and Steve at their flat in Crouch End, before their move to Kent.

David made up for my inertia by getting the last of the Christmas decorations packed. The bags are now sitting in a long line waiting to go back in the loft. That’s Sunday’s job.

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