Out of Nowhere

Fog was forecast for today and it was already building during the previous evening. I'm not the only local blipper to feel a frisson of anticipation when such conditions emerge. I set the alarm without really needing to, my own internal alarm always being effective on these occasions, even if I don't know the fog is coming!

There's no predicting exactly what you're going to get. On the first occasion this winter, the fog completely filled the valley to a level above the moor, offering only a tantalising glimpse of some blueness above. The second occasion was very special, when I broke out above the cloud near the cairn, just as the moon was setting. This time around, though, I woke up to see just a little mist in the very bottom of the valley. It was a massive ant-climax. It was right outside the window when I went to bed so I couldn't understand who would have stolen my fog during the night. There was a clear sky with a very heavy frost. The thought of the cold air had me dropping into my normal writing routine, tucking myself up in bed with my notebook and pencil. I had a productive few hours.

Then, late morning, I noticed that the mist was thickening. I know that this is a possibility but it always seems so unlikely that I never expect it to happen. It was soon bubbling up outside the flat, catching me by surprise with just how quickly it was building. I was out the door and climbing up to the moor in a matter of minutes, soon to be met with sensational conditions. It was changing all the time and I found myself running about everywhere to catch the best angles. I still have no idea, meteorologically speaking, where it comes from. It's been hard to choose which shot to post here, a problem I don't often have these days.

I was due to meet Shenny for a dog walk in Spring Wood early afternoon so I had to leave the open skies a little prematurely to catch the train to Guiseley, plunging into the fog and only having time to stop at the flat to pick up my wallet. I made it with seconds to spare. Roam is now working in LA and Forrest left at the crack of dawn this morning to get a flight for his own work in the States. With E away too, it's going to be strange to be completely on my own. The time has been ear-marked to write my novel's pivotal scene. It's all been building up to this event and I need to deliver for the reader. They will have invested a lot of their time to get to this point.

Whiskey was so excited to see me that he almost pulled Shenny off her feet when he first caught sight of me. Bless him. We had a lovely walk as the fog gradually lifted.

Finally, thanks again for all the kind words on my big announcement and blip day on Tuesday. I'm touched by all your generosity.

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