By PaulShelley

Empty Glass

Plug and Play again. 
I have had a moan before about how you get told new IT equipment is “pug and play, sir”. Oh no it isn’t. After putting it off for ages because I know it’s going to be a trial, I have taken the plunge and bought a new phone. Daughters told me to install an app called Copy My Phome or some such. So I put it on both the old and new phones. No joy. I have had to install every single app manually with all the password nightmares that go with that.

Now I can’t work out how to transfer across my various email accounts. So the SIM card is now back in the old phone and the new one is on a shelf. Stuck. I suppose a visit to the Apple store is next.

How some of you regularly get new phones and just start them up I do not know. It’ll be years before I get another one.

Plug and Play? I don’t think so.

I went out for a walk and spotted this empty glass. A bit like my new phone. Nothing in it. Still, it’s been a beautiful day out there.

Rant over. Got that off my chest.

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