By dunkyc

"One louder"

With it being pitch day, I ensured that I was up in good time and tried to get myself fired up.

It is amazing how much I use my experiences on the amateur stage to prepare for things like this, but I guess that it makes sense really as pitching is just another performance. I’ll be the first to admit that the script isn’t quite up there with the works of Shakespeare and Sorkin and the least said about the subject matter the better, but the preparation that goes into delivering a slide deck is largely the same.

Fortunately the character of “jaded insurance broker looking for a win at any costs to paper over the cracks of a stuttering personal life” is one I am familiar with and it doesn’t take long to slip into character. We’ll see if the preparation work gets us through to the next round, but I certainly felt like we gave a good account of ourselves and congratulatory calls from my directors after the presentation seemed to bear that out.

In a sudden turnaround of events, having taken two more tests, apparently EW2 isn’t positive for Covid after all, which is good news and means that the wee ones can resume their regular routine. This left The Eldest and I to our own devices this evening, so I took her out for dinner at a place that does the best gnocchi. Sadly, I wasn’t permitted to take a photo of her face, so here she is poring over the menu.

We’d eaten early so when we got home I had time to achieve the real victory of the day in finally getting her to watch This Is Spinal Tap with me. She sat there with her crochet, giggling all the way through and I was delighted that the killer “These going to eleven” punchline wasn’t lost on her, as she burst into full laughter.

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