By pensionspoet

New lights!!

The main event today was Henry fitting spotlights in the kitchen. He had to drill big holes, then fed wire down from under the floorboards upstairs. Luckily from his bedroom not ours. When all this is finished, he will be getting his room floor, boarded with wood effect flooring. The result is amazing. So bright. I didn't believe 6 lights could do this, but he knew what he was doing.

Daniel came over after lunch, and he washed his car with the power wash thing. I spent the morning ironing to The Archers after getting up late. Apart from cooking a chicken korma I'm not sure what else I've done today! Oh yes, I had a good at tidying up the pond, but only touched the tip of the iceberg as far and cleaning it went. More next week. I did manage to scoop up a big toad, but no harm done.

Now getting in the bath before tv at 8. There are now 3 things on at 8, that we want to watch! Typical. So will have to postpone one (probably the pottery throw down) until midweek!

My long weekend is nearly over, but it has been a good one. We just need to get the heating problem sorted and I'd be happy. We are now thinking there is a blockage somewhere and the first thing that has been tried didn't work, so thinking caps back on.

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