An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Mix it up!

Quite a productive day :-)

D and I spent time in the studio this afternoon getting some of the paintings I mounted last week into frames and taking note of which size frames I need to buy for those that were left.

I then spent a very pleasant hour or two messing around with acrylic inks trying out various colour combinations to see what happens when they interact together with water.  The main thing I learned is less (ink) is more!  

Some more experimenting to be done before I commit to creating anything but looking forward to getting started on some abstract landscapes next week.

Spent the latter half of the afternoon continuing to crochet Jack's pram blanket.  The yarn is great and the pattern is great, but I seem to be having difficulty keeping the sides straight!  Hmmmm....will see how it looks as I continue.  Lola may end up with a new blanket and weeJack may end up with something else completely!

David's mum would have been 87 today.  A second mum to me and a best friend.  What fun times we had.  Miss her so much.

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