Lamb's Tails

Usual routine – pre-work walk, followed by a day at the laptop.  There were two meetings about the dreaded exercise we are undertaking at the moment.  At least we have a plan which seems to be coming together, and which will hopefully deliver on what has been requested.  I came away with a couple of actions, but I wasn’t terribly sure about the other actions.  I wasn’t alone in that respect, as three separate colleagues contacted me to ask  for my take on the meeting actions, and they were all at the meeting too! 
Later I got news of my friend’s father in law.  He is poorly and things don’t sound great.  I also got an update on my colleague’s mother – that didn’t sound very positive either.
BB was pleased to come home from school and to have no sporting activities today.  He declared it a day of rest.  He has had non-stop training and/or matches and/or PE at school for about the past ten days, so I think he dserves a day off – though I have reminded him he will probably never be as fit again, as he is now.
I went out for a walk in the dark to get my daily steps.  About half way round my circuit it started to rain, and I got pretty wet.
I walked past these “lamb’s tails “ at lunchtime.

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