Welcome To The Mancave

I have blipped before from the man cave and here we are once more, chillaxing, stove's pumped, Santana on the hi fi and feeling pretty laid back about it all.


I referred previously to the gift of a very heavy, very comfy leather armchair. And here it is.

It is sumptuously comfortable, four feet wide and made from the best leather money can buy.  And why, you may ask yourselves is it at the bottom of the garden in my shed.

Because it was going to be thrown into a skip as an unwanted item. The buyer bought a suite and decided the chair was not needed. So it was simply going to be dumped. As my American friends would say, go figure!

I rescued it with the help of my old pal Gary and it is now the provider of great comfort for anyone who gets there first. I never complain about my life, the ups and downs, the fluctuating fortunes that lady luck chucks our way.

I got the chair, what more could an old fart with a bottle of Jack Daniels ask for?

My favourite joke today... 
Two old ladies in the kitchen, preparing the evening meal. One says to the other, "You know, I fancy a quickie!"

The second old lady snorts and replies.. "My dear, I think it's pronounced quiche!" 

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