A time for everything

By turnx3


This morning, we drove up to the Washington Courthouse area, to visit a Camper/RV dealer. We have been campers in the past, originally tent campers, then when we were in France, 1986-96, we bought a second-hand caravan, finally on our return to the U.S. in 1996, we bought a barely used second-hand pop-up camper, which we used until 2013, when we moved to France for the second time. The camper was well used by that time, and we didn’t want to pay storage for 3 years, so we sold it. Since our return to the U.S. at the beginning of 2017, we had been considering getting a travel trailer/caravan, then Covid got in the way. We visited a dealer about this time last year, but didn’t come to a conclusion. We need a relatively lightweight one that we can tow with our SUV - we don’t want to drive a pick-up truck! The type we really liked we realized was going to be too expensive (and is much more expensive now!), and we weren’t convinced by the other models they had.
In the meantime, we have done some more research, and a week or so ago, I came across another make which seemed as if it may be a good fit, and Roger had discovered a new dealership, which got good reviews, and was supposed to be a low pressure dealership, and moreover they carried the make I was interested in. The weather was supposed to be a bit “iffy”, with the chance of thunderstorms, but we decided to risk it. Fortunately, the rain held off during our visit. They had two models we looked at, which we were impressed with, and as promised the sales person answered all our questions, but there was no pressure, so we exchanged numbers, and said we would think about it for a while.
On our way home, we did run into a storm, and our phones went off with a tornado warning, but fortunately it was short lived, and we came through it fine, though it did make us nervous for several minutes. Once out of it, we were soon into bright sunshine, so we headed to Sharon Woods for a walk to get some exercise, and that’s where I blipped this beautiful blossom.
Step count: 7439

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