Home & Away

By HeidiAndDolly

Coffee Break Before Work

I was back at work today but didn’t have to leave home until lunchtime. It was a beautiful morning so I made a flask of coffee and went down to the lake. I walked my normal route and then enjoyed my coffee in a sunny spot. I had my handy-dandy collapsible stool with me, which means I could sit anywhere I fancied.

I spied these lovely little flowers (violets?). It’s wonderful to see so many signs of spring!

I did slightly veer off my normal path at one point and saw this amazing tree totally covered by what I think are ivy branches. It had a strange beauty to it.

I couldn’t linger too long with my coffee but it felt so good to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, knowing that I’d be spending many hours locked up in a plane. I ended my day at Newark airport and then New York City. It was not a difficult flight but I felt pretty wiped, and struggled with my voice and coughing, which is what I predicted. I was very happy to see the bed in my hotel room!

Extra photo: a view at the airport after we landed. Nice to see some airlines are still flying the 747! It’s becoming a bit of a dinosaur! Manhattan on the horizon.

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