Grumpy Old Man

By Maurice1948

I wandered lonely as a primrose

How quickly we forget that the weather has been beautiful when it reverts to the same old, same old, dull and drizzly! I haven't been out today except for a quick look at some plants on the deck, so have opted for a plant Blip again.

This is a primrose from Homebase, labelled Primula Belarina Cream, or maybe known as Primula vulgaris 'Kerbelcrem'. which apparently means 'Chervil Cream'. Whatever its correct name it's a cream-coloured double primrose and is quite a pretty creature. I grew a lot of named double primroses at one time, but the plants that I grew in the course of my job are now left to someone else to look after, or not as the case may be.

Had a long phone conversation earlier with a lady who has spoken to me before about local environmental issues. She's very passionate about a number of things, but as I tried to point out to her, there are always several different views on these issues and it's very hard to come to an agreement. The issue of weeds growing along pavements in the town centre was one I brought up myself not long ago. Most people agreed that the streets looked scruffy with docks growing out of cracks in the pavements, but others contended that they were good for wildlife. 

This lady was against the growing of daffodils in road verges as she considered them not only invasive, but harbouring some sort of worm in the bulbs which killed earthworms. I had to admit that this was new to me, but pointed out that she had a struggle on her hands if she wanted to ban the planting of daffies along the roadsides. She advised me to read Wordsworth's 'I wandered lonely as a cloud' again and I would see her point. I did - but I didn't!

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