Still Rockin'

By RockArea

Luscombe Valley

It was nice to get out this afternoon. We got better weather than I'd expected and although there was good cloud cover the sun peeped through occasionally. so that's alright.

I got back on my fitness campaign today and got down to the fitness suite for a short while. I'll build up slowly and eventually get to, what, 10 minutes, do you think? Only joking but I don't believe in going mad at it. To be honest I'd rather do a bit of honest exercise walking in the open air but somehow it just doesn't happen too often so it's better to have a daily routine.

I'll be off rocking down the local pub this evening but I'm sure I'll catch up with you all tonight or tomorrow.

Hope you've had a good day and if you're back to work after Easter ... about time too! I hope it's gone well.


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