By Veronica

L'omelette du printemps

It's been a few years. Here's the last time, and the year before -- as you can see it didn't rain this time. It was a bit breezy, but we were sheltered from it and I may even have got a bit sunburnt. A candid photo of M and H, and in the extra the distribution of sausages.

It was a very pleasant neighbourly time -- we chatted with people we know and people we've never met before over aperos and then the traditional omelette aux asperges sauvages, grilled sausage, and eclairs. It was well after four when we left, and then H and M invited us to theirs for coffee. It was a majority German group -- as in, we were the only non-Germans ... I find it a bit depressing that I can only understand about one word in 50 nowadays (five years of German at school ...). But they all speak English and/or French.

Hone for a rest by six -- I'm not used to so much socialising.

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